1. Install PHP, Apache HTTP server, and MySQL.
  2. Enable mod_rewrite for Apache.
  3. Install Composer globally.
  4. Create your Laravel project in user directory.
  5. Set permissions for Laravel folders.
  6. Set up an Apache virtual host for your Laravel project.
  7. Add new virtual host to hosts file.
  8. Enable new virtual host and (optionally) disable…

Save credential :

git config — global credential.helper store

git pull — put credential and git pull again.

Cross Site Request Forgery as we known as CSRF is one of the most common web security problems.

I am trying to simply explain: Attacker’s always trying to steal a client’s cookie and if it is successful, they can connect to a website instead of us. And then they can…

Internet cookie, web cookie, browser cookie, simply cookie, http cookie гэж олон янзаар хэлэгддэг олон янзаар хэлэгддэг энэхүү зүйл нь энгийнээр ойлгоход биднийг хөтөч ашиглан интернэт орчинд аялахад хялбар болгох зорилгоор хөтчүүдийн гаргасан бага хэмжээний санах ой юм.

Бидний интернэт орчинд хийж буй үйлдлүүдийг бидний компютер дээр хадгалдаг жишээ нь…


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